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Last year’s FLAUNT public art project highlighted the talent of both our painters and our makers-all wood workers, potters, and 3D artists, that’s you!  The theme of the event was Pop It Up!, and the cause was History.  Throughout the entire month of September, there were temporary shops, cafes, murals, and performances “popping up” along historic W Jackson St, once referred to as “The Bottom”.  This public art event was the kickoff for the new Arts District that includes the W Jackson St corridor, while celebrating it’s history.

The Competition

The event featured two art competition pieces.  The first was a mural project: 30 painters competed for $1500 in prizes and a THOM Magazine spread, painting a 12 x 15’ mural, inspired by a historical image (images provided by Thomasville Historical Society and Jack Hadley Black History Museum).  All murals were black, white, and grey with a pop of one color (the artist choose the pop of color).  Painters were also allotted a space to sell their work on the bricks.  The second group of artists- the makers- competed for a second set of the same prizes.  Each maker competed for their own pop-up shop on the bricks (inside of a business) for the month of September.

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2015 FLAUNT information coming in March.