Youth Arts Month

A month long celebration of youth art, this program is presented in honor of National Youth Arts Month which promotes arts education awareness. Each March, TCA shines the spotlight on our community’s student artists who excel in the visual, performing and literary arts. All programs are free to the public and include special art education programs for students of all ages; a juried high school art competition, scholarship and literary showcase; a theatre performance and workshop for students and their families; youth art free-for-all and a teen music & poetry jam.

This program benefits our community by emphasizing the value of art and art education for youth ages K-12, encouraging community involvement and support for school arts programs, and recognizing the artistic talent of students and teachers in our local schools.


Since 1993, ArtReach has been a TCA collaborative program with local public and private schools to provide professional theatre performances in the Center’s theater for all school children, grades Pre K-12, in Thomasville and Thomas County. Each program contains educational value with each presenter providing a study guide based on Common Core Georgia Performance Standards for teachers to prepare their students for the performance. Teachers complete surveys to provide feedback on quality and give suggestions for future programming.

This program promotes integrated arts education through professional theatre while exposing students to important personal and social themes of our day. The community impact of the program is significant in that it gives a broad audience of children, 40% of them who are socially and economically disadvantaged, an educational and inspiring theatre experience. The ArtReach performances prepare students for the inter-connected world by helping them understand global themes, such as community, diversity, teamwork and environmental awareness.


Literary and One Act Showcases

Our Literary and One Act Showcase program provides an opportunity for all local high school literary, drama and choral departments to present their work to the community. Qualified judges with extensive backgrounds in the arts are present to critique performances and help students prepare for region and state school competitions.

This program was similarly developed to strengthen our collaboration with our local schools, nurture the talent and self-esteem of young artists, and recognize the talent of our area drama and literary teachers. The program also raises awareness and demonstrates to families, teachers and school administration the benefits of literary, drama, and chorus arts education.

Art in the Schools

Visiting Artists

A collaboration between Thomasville Center for the Arts, the ArtReach Program, the Artist Collective, the Artists in Residence Program and Thomasville and Thomas County area schools. Professional artists visit local school classrooms to lead fine art lessons, demonstrate their art form and/or lecture about their art. This program reaches all schools grades Pre K-12 in Thomas County. Recently we have expanded the program to include workshops in visual art, music, theatre and dance to expose the students to professional working artists who work in various art forms.

School Exhibits

TCA showcases the art work and talent from local schools in the Center’s Youth Education Hall throughout the school year. Additionally, it is designed to honor the school arts educators who work with our youth. Each exhibit is open to the public and features an opening reception. This program enriches our partnership with our local schools and recognizes the talent and creativity of young visual artists.

Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp

Boys and Girls Club Youth Camp

A two-week summer camp for 50 scholarship campers ages 5-12 from the Marguerite Neel Williams Boys and Girls Club. Camp begins at 9am at our local YMCA with swimming lessons then continues at the Center from 11am until 3pm, where campers experience visual, theatre, dance, music and literary arts. Each year the camp revolves around a central theme and culminates with a performance and exhibit for family and friends.

Boys and Girls Club Teen Camp

A one-week summer camp for 10-15 scholarship campers ages 13-17 from the Marguerite Neel Williams Boys and Girls Teen Club. This is camp is an intensive visual arts camp aimed at introducing teens to new visual arts mediums. The object of this camp is to expose and connect teens to a more in depth visual arts experience.

These camps are designed to expose campers to a wide range of arts, connect them to art in the world around them, and inspire them through exceptional, educational art experiences. Studies indicate the summer learning experience helps mitigate “summer learning loss” and maintains children’s readiness to learn. The most notable impact is improved behavior, increased group participation, increased confidence, and trust. Our staff observes that many campers emerge from shyness to utter joy when performing on stage.


The arts provide an outlet through which a diverse sense of community is enabled. A critical component in preparing our children for the future, arts education improves cognitive development, inspires motivation and discipline, develops confidence and creativity, as well and enhances communication and problem-solving skills. The Center’s Outreach programs solidify its commitment to collaborate with schools and the community to expose, connect, and inspire students, teachers and parents through the arts.

Art for All Children

TCA is part of a fine arts initiative, in collaboration with our City School System, to provide access to the arts through an integrated and expanded education program for all students in grades K-8. Our 40,000 sq. ft. Center is uniquely located on a city school campus and provides for a natural partnership with the elementary, middle and high schools. Three years ago we developed a partnership with the schools which provides dance, theatre, band, strings and music classes for more than 300 students in our building during each school day.


This application based program mentors young artists, ages 11-17, by developing their identity as aspiring professionals and promoting a strong work ethic, collaborative skills, creative problem-solving, and personal promotion/marketing. Specific topics of study include preparing a resume, discovering new aspects of an art form, preparing a presentation to potential clients or collaborators, and seeking out opportunities to work in the field as an assistant, volunteer, and intern. Meetings are held weekly for one hour, and supplemented by heavy online networking and sharing. Young artists are from various disciplines and include singers, song-writers, musicians, dancers, writers, painters, actors, and set designers.

This program was developed to address the needs of gifted students with high aspirations in a specific art discipline. These are students who have experienced the transformative power of art.

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Thomasville Center for the Arts Outreach Programs are under the direction of Mary Oglesby our Director of Youth Outreach. Contact Mary at moglesby@thomasvillearts.org or 229-225-8687.