Meet Our 2016/2017 Artists!

Phil Croton
Actor in Residence

Name: Phil Croton

Born and Raised: London, England

What do you love to do: All kinds of performance, particularly live theatre

Artistic Background & Education:

Attended Italia Conti Drama School, London, England

Scholarship to Royal Academy Dramatic Arts/ Theatre degree

Head of Education for Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds

Artist Inspiration: Good theatre, well performed.

Dreaming Big at Studio 209: I am looking forward to bringing an appreciation of drama and especially Shakespeare to the Thomasville Community.


Honey Hilliard
Painter in Residence

Name: Honey Hilliard

Born and Raised: Born in Louisville, KY, raised in Atlanta, Valdosta and Tifton, GA

What do you love to do: Acrylic and oil, thick texture using additives mixed with acrylic pigments; I also like to use pencil and watercolor.

Artistic Background & Education: My first art class was at Valdosta State University when I was 5 years old. I earned an art degree from Florida State University with an emphasis in Conceptual Art, then worked as a bird and wildlife artist for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. In 2013, I spent the summer in France at La Bonne Et Toile Artist Retreat Center, brushing up on classic rendering and painting skills. I have been a self employed artist and graphic designer for 17 years and I just opened a gallery in The Grey Fox in Tallahassee.

Artist Inspiration: I am inspired by the dreamy paintings of Frida Kahlo & Henri Matisse, compositions of Audubon, Francesco Clemente’s portraiture, designer Trina Turk’s colors, and pop artist Ashley Longshore.

Dreaming Big at Studio 209: Excited to work with teens and adults with Dream Journaling, where we will tap into dreams and create interesting journals. Would also love to paint some of the iconic people of Thomasville.

Todd Jones
Painter & Illustrator in Residence

Name: Todd Jones

Born and Raised: I was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL.

What do you love to do: I love working with aqueous mediums such as watercolor and ink. I also enjoy combining the art of paper marbling with watercolor and exploring the integration of these materials through portraiture and landscape.

Artistic Background & Education: I will be receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts and Psychology from Florida State University in December 2016.

Artist Inspiration: I am inspired by the watercolor paintings and sculptures of Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, the variety of watercolor techniques Agnes Cecile uses in her works, the Bookbinding, Marbling and Letterpress work of Robert Wu and the works of Peregrine Honig and Kymia Nawabi. I am also inspired by mediums and processes where the mediums have a mind of their own and can only be controlled to an extent. In my mind, this is collaboration between that mediumand myself. This is primarily why paper marbling fascinates me.

Dreaming Big at Studio 209: I am looking forward to having a studio in a new city and environment. I want to make work that reacts to the space. For me new ideas and inspiration come from change and it will greatly benefit my work.

Megumi Naganoma
Mixed-Media Artist in Residence

Name: Megumi Naganoma

Born and Raised: Fort Lauderdale, FL

What do you love to do: As far as my bodies of work go, I’m consumed with a drive to bring awareness to serious issues. In that regard, I’ve learned that my work isn’t limited by medium, but more by my willingness to push boundaries. I love the idea that my art leads to people contemplating certain topics, all whilst their eyes are drawn to the aesthetics.

Artistic Background & Education: Self-taught in acquired skills and mediums. Will be receiving a bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Florida State University in December of 2016.

Artist Inspiration: My work is heavily influenced by social issues, culture, psychology, and current events. Through personal experiences and a sense of responsibility, I am driven to have my art help create a dialogue. As a growing artist, I am extremely motivated and inspired by three greats: Judy Pfaff, who is recognized as one of the woman to have transformed contemporary art and whom I was beyond humbled to have interned for; Masami Teraoka, who focuses on social issues; and Takashi Murakami, who is known for pushing boundaries.

Dreaming Big at Studio 209: During my time in Thomasville, I know I’m going to learn a lot from the kids I’ll teach, the locals, and other artists. I hope to make an impact and inspire some of the local youth to grow as artists.

Hillery Richards
Painter in Residence

Name: Hillery Richards

Born and Raised: Thomasville, GA

What do you love to do: I love to create art, spend time with with family and friends, and enjoy the outdoors.

Artistic Background & Education: Fine art materials include, but are not limited to: oil paint on canvas, alabaster stone, bronze, plaster, water color, charcoal and natural materials.

Artist Inspiration: I am inspired by what lives around me–and within me.

Dreaming Big at Studio 209: Excited to return to my bigger than life sized canvases and capturing nature in the raw.

Joana Russell
Writer/Poet in Residence

Name: Joana Russell

Born and Raised: Thomasville, GA

What do you love to do: I am a poet, playwright and author.

Artistic Background & Education: I began writing seriously in sixth grade, and it has developed into my primary passion in life. My emphasis right now is writing for theatre and free verse poetry.

Artist Inspiration: Walt Whitman’s poetry has always impacted me very deeply. The poems are a beautiful reflection of the human experience.

Dreaming Big at Studio 209: I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate on projects with other artists and share my art with the community!

Carola Rodina
Potter & Painter in Residence

Name: Carola Rodina Rutkowski – prefer to go by just Carola Rodina for art purposes.

Born and Raised: Born Bünde, Germany. Moved to Cocoa Beach Fl at 5 yrs old, moved to Thomasville 1988 – Brookwood grad. ’94. AU thereafter

What do you love to do: Clay. Wine. Words. Clay is my medium of choice – wheel thrown, pinched, pounded – doesn’t matter … Wine is my study for the last 4+ years – now via Wine Spirit Education Trust London. Writing, also. I love to do it when it’s time to. Something comes and then it’s time to write.

Artistic Background & Education: As far as art – I am self taught mostly. Pottery teachers include Laura Winters in St John’s Newfoundland and Amy & Henry Gernhardt in Cedar Key, Fl.  I am also a mostly self taught freelance graphic designer. Formal Education – Auburn University BA Communications & WSET 3 (wine spirit education trust – sommelier)

Artist Inspiration: Release from the illusion of time. And Unggi. And ALL the colors. And the elders who have practiced their art, whatever it is, their entire lives.

Dreaming Big at Studio 209: I look forward to many, many hours of practice in my little potter’s corner of the world at TCA. I look at pottery as my practice; meditative, creative, productive – one which, if all goes well, bears functional fruit. I find the studio an incredible gift from our art community and look forward to enriching people young and old with some clay time.

Ron Thomson
Painter in Residence

Name: Ron Thomson

Born and Raised: Born Rota, Spain naval Air Station. Raised Sopchoppy, FL

What do you love to do: Oils

Artistic Background & Education: Received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Florida State

Artist Inspiration: Richard Schmid, Jeff Legg, John Singer Sargent

Dreaming Big at Studio 209: Making a contribution to the local kids and becoming part of the community

Saundra Kelley

Storyteller in Residence

Name: Saundra Gerrell Kelley

Born and Raised: Tallahassee, FL

What do you love to do: Spoken Word followed closely by Written

Artistic Background & Education: Attending FSU’s Lab school all twelve years I was immersed in the arts from the beginning – fine art, music, theater – all of it. In later years I discovered storytelling which incorporates everything that I am so I earned a performance art masters.

Artist Inspiration: Degas; Debussy; Elizabeth Ellis, Storyteller

Dreaming Big at Studio 209: Finding the artist’s core meaning and learning to express it verbally.

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The Artist-in-Residence program at Thomasville Center for the Arts brings a fresh art perspective to our region, which elevates talent and sparks creative conversations within our community. Resident Artists receive studio space at TCA’s Studio 209 which creates opportunity for collaboration, sharing, and exhibiting with local makers and regional artists. Artists hold open studio hours and meet visitors by appointment to share their processes.

Email Becky Felts, Artist Programs Manager, at to schedule a visit or learn more about upcoming artist interactions and opportunities.